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  Saturday 04, November 2006
Scottie Johnson - 2006 Jack Daniel's Winner
 Scottie was the winner of the 18th Annual Jack Danielís World Championship Invitational Barbecue. The Jack Danielís Invitational is one of the most prestigious barbecue competitions in the world. Teams from across the United States and around the world compete in the categories of Pork Ribs, Pork Shoulder, Beef Brisket and Chicken.

44:32 minutes   


  Monday 26, June 2006
Stephanie Wilson - The Slabs
 Stephanie works at the Kansas City Barbeque Society office.  She also cooks on one of the top competition barbecue cooking teams in the country.  In addition to all of this she is a regular poster to the BBQ Forum.

40:29 Minutes   9.5 megs 15 seconds to download by cable broadband                       


  Tuesday 18, April 2006
Guy Fieri
 Guy is a family man, devoted father of two and owner of three Sonoma County, CA restaurants.  One of the restaurants is Tex Wasabi's which is a sushi barbecue eatery.  He is in the competition for the Food Network "The Next Food Network Star."

19:51 minutes   


  Monday 17, April 2006
Mike Tucker - Hawgeyes BBQ
 Mike has been a good friend of The BBQ Forum for several years.  He is a very good business man who has a thriving barbecue business and also owns a landscaping company in Iowa named TNT Landscaping. This interview will give you a lot of background information on Mike that you will find entertaining and interesting.

30:07 minutes   6.9 megs 10 seconds to download by cable broadband                       


  Wednesday 22, March 2006
Ed Roith - Vice President KCBS
Ed Roith is the Vice President of The Kansas City Barbecue Society, TV Star and very active in training judges for KCBS competitions.

30:33 minutes   7.1 megs 12 seconds to download by cable broadband                       


  Tuesday 14, March 2006
Steven Raichlen - Author, Cooking Teacher
Steven Raichlen is a multi-award winning author, journalist, cooking teacher and TV host. He has his best-selling Barbecue Bible cookbook series (more than 2 million copies in print) and his Barbecue University TV show on PBS.

15:57 minutes   3.5 megs 6 seconds to download by cable broadband                       


  Saturday 14, January 2006
Bill Milroy - Texas Rib Rangers
Texas Rib Rangers has been competing in barbecue cook-offs and championships since 1992. Owners/creators, Bill and Barbara Milroy, travel all over the country sweeping high honors in everything from cooking competitions to barbecue sauce challenges. Currently, Texas Rib Rangers holds the titles for the first and third best barbecue sauce in the world, along with countless other recognitions and awards. In a contest with well over 500 entries, Texas Rib Rangers entered 4 barbecue sauces and walked out with first, second, third, and fourth place.

31:59 minutes    7.5 megs 13 seconds to download by cable broadband                       


  Sunday 4, December 2005
Page Skelton - Cackalacky
Page is the owner of Cackalacky, Inc.  "America's Original Burgundy & Yam Spice Sauce."  His sauce recipe calls for a host of sweet southern yams, secret spices, robust tomatoes, savory onions, gourmet mustard, classic burgundy wine, tangy key lime essence, aged fiery-chiles and much, much more! 

30:07 minutes High Quality                           30:07Minutes Low Quality    


  Friday 11, October 2005
Adam Perry Lang - Daisy May's Restaurant NYC
Adam Perry Lang had worked at top restaurants like  Le Cirque, Daniel and Chanterelle.  Adam is a graduated of the Culinary Institute of AmericaHe is now the owner of  Daisy May's BBQ in New York City.  Daisy May's has become an almost instant success in the big city.

He was the Grand Champion at the prestigious Barbeqlossal, BBQ contest in Iowa 2005 and won first place in Pork at the 2005 American Royal Open Contest in Kansas City, MO.  Click the picture to view a larger image.

34:47 minutes High Quality                           34:47Minutes Low Quality   


  Monday 31, October 2005
Byron Chism -
Byron has become one of the most well known BBQ Cooks in the country.  This it due to his good cooking and marketing expertise. 

20:47 minutes High Quality                           20:47Minutes Low Quality


  Tuesday 19, October 2005
Juggy D Beerman - One of The BBQ Forum People
Juggy D Beerman is a colorful BBQ personality that frequents The BBQ Forum, which is part of the great good fortune of the BBQ Forum.  Enjoy this interesting conversation with Juggy D Beerman.

16:30 minutes High Quality                           16:30 Minutes Low Quality


  Wednesday 5, October 2005
Tana Shupe - Jack Daniel's Lynchburg, TN.
Tana is the Manager, Guest Services Events for Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.  Tana has been taking care of this very prestigious BBQ contest for several years.  In this interview you will learn a lot about this event and how it operates.

30:15 minutes High Quality                           30:15 Minutes Low Quality


  Wednesday 28, September 2005
Danny Gaulden -  Danny's BBQ Carlsbad, NM.
Danny shares with us some of his years of cooking Barbecue.  His restaurant started off as a Dairy Queen that sold barbecue.  Now it's a barbecue restaurant after he fired Dairy Queen.  In this interview he shares some information on running a restaurant, BBQ pit information, valuable stuff the products we cook and much more.  Don't miss this one.

46:37 minutes High Quality                           46:37 Minutes Low Quality


  Tuesday 28, September 2005
Jeff Stehney - Oklahoma Joe's BBQ Restaurant
Jeff Stehney runs one of the best BBQ Restaurants in the whole country in Kansas City, MO.  The name of the restaurant is Oklahoma Joe's and the original restaurant is located in a gas station.  How did this all happen?  In this interview, Jeff in his very articulate and friendly manner, discusses some the things that made this restaurant such a success. 

24:02 minutes High Quality                           24:023 Minutes Low Quality


  Monday 26, September 2005
Ray Lampe (DrBBQ) - Author and BBQ Chef
DrBBQ is a sometimes controversial barbecue personality.  However, nobody can questions his success in many aspects of BBQ.  This interview yield some insight into how he got to where he is today.     

23:33 minutes High Quality                           23:33 Minutes Low Quality


  Monday 17, April 2006
KCBS Judging Information UPDATED 2006 INFO
The first of three PodCasts from KCBS on contest from the KCBS CD this one is for cooks.    Rules and regulations.      11:40 minutes 

The second of three PodCasts from KCBS on contest from the KCBS CD this one is for judges.    8:53 minutes  

The third of three PodCasts from KCBS on contest from the KCBS CD this one is for cooks           8:36 minutes

Combined, compressed version of all three segments.  The quality is not as good as the individual PodCasts.     29:23 minutes


  Monday 19, September 2005
Rick Salmon - One of the BBQ Forum People
Rick has been a long time friend of The BBQ Forum.  He has a lot of experience with different types of cookers.  In this interview he discusses some of his background and shares some of his knowledge on cooking barbecue.      16:56 minutes


  Wednesday 14, September 2005
Paul Kirk - Kansas City Baron of Barbecue
This interview with Paul was made on a cool night in KC in the summer of 2005.  It was a couple of days after the hurricane hit the gulf coast.  Paul talks about his restaurant, his books and the early days of competition barbecue in Kansas City.      21:20 minutes


  Monday 12, September 2005
Steve in Denver - Steve Marrs
Steve has been a frequent poster to The BBQ Forum for a long time.  He has recently started competing in contests.  In this telephone PodCast he gives some encouragement and advice that will be of value to anyone thinking of competing in BBQ Contests.      15:46 minutes


  Monday 5, September 2005
David Klose - World Famous Pit Maker
David makes some of the finest BBQ pits ever imagined of by anyone.  Tell Dave what you want and he will make it for you.      12:54 minutes


  Wednesday 31, August 2005
Chris Lilly - Big Bob Gibson BBQ Restaurants
Chris Lilly is a well know BBQ contest winner and the host of the BBQ All Star Showdown cable television show on OLN.      13:07 minutes


  Monday 29, August 2005
Carolyn Wells Executive Director of KCBS
Carolyn Wells is the Executive Director of the Kansas City Barbeque Society.  She has for years helped guide this important organization.   12:03 minutes


  Monday 23, August 2005
Chris Capell - Dizzy Pig BBQ
Chris Capell (sometimes known as "Nature Boy") is an winning cook on the BBQ contest circuit.  He also is a in the BBQ rub business.  This telephone interview has good tips in it.   11:21 minutes


  Sunday 14, August 2005
The First BBQ Forum PodCast
This is the first PodCast from The BBQ Forum.  It is a narrative from Ray Basso about what is happening on the BBQ Forum and other BBQ web pages.  It also contains information about this years BBQ Forum Logo Merchandise Photo Contest.  10.43 minutes


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