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OK, just what is a PodCast 

Podcasting is a method of publishing audio broadcasts via the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed of new files (in this case MP3s). It became popular in late 2004, largely due to automatic downloading of audio onto portable players or personal computers.

Podcasting is distinct from other types of online media delivery because of its subscription model, which uses a feed (such as RSS) to deliver an enclosed file. Podcasting enables The BBQ Forum to create, publish, syndicated "radio shows," and gives broadcast radio programs a new distribution method. Listeners may subscribe to feeds using a feed reader which periodically checks for and downloads new content automatically. You can  find these readers all over the Internet.  A good free one can be found at FeedReader.  Some podcatching software is also able to synchronize (copy) podcasts to portable music players. Any digital audio player or computer with audio-playing software can play podcasts.  So, if you have a feed reader and put the RSS information from the RSS button on the top of the page into the reader your all set to receive automatic updates to The BBQ Forum Podcasts.  All you need to do is "right click" on the RSS image and find the URL of the RSS document.  Then insert this information into your feed reader and when ever there is a new PodCast you will be notified by your feed reader.

"Podcasting" is a word that combines the words "broadcasting" and "iPod." The term can be misleading since neither podcasting nor listening to podcasts requires an iPod or any portable music player. 

You can listen to the PodCasts with free programs like WinAmp or Windows media player.  Just make sure it is set to play MP3 files.

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The World Famous BBQ Forum is now Podcasting audio broadcast to inform, educate and provide entertainment to the people who frequent the BBQ Forum.  I'm Ray Basso and I will be hosting most of these podcasts.  Sometime they will be just me talking and other times I will be bringing in guests to discuss all the aspects of BBQ.  I will start off slow and this thing will take off fast at least that is my plan, we will see what happens.  It's time to bring audio to the barbecue world of the Internet.  Just click on the "Pod button" on each topic you want to listen to.

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